The Life and Legacy Of Hank Williams

hank williams

(This was originally written for my History Of American Music class for the Fall 2016 semester). 

When discussing one’s impact on music and its culture, one could argue that everything presented throughout the discussion is subjective rather than objective. When focusing specifically on country music, this argument stands. In fact, as it stands right now, there are three men who could arguably claim the title of “the king of country music”. There’s Roy Acuff who not only set the table for country music as a commercial enterprise, but also was deemed the king by baseball legend Dizzy Dean (Folkart, 1992). Then there’s king George Strait who holds the record for having the most number one hits out of any other performer in history with sixty of them (Spong, 2014). However, while Hiram King “Hank” Williams did not live as long as the aforementioned men, his influence arguably had the most widespread impact of the three kings within country music not just within the genre itself, but within music as a whole. Continue reading “The Life and Legacy Of Hank Williams”


The Influence Of Maybelle Carter On World Music (Assignment)

maybelle carter

The following is an assignment that I worked on for my History Of Music Class. The entire premise was to select one musician from a list of names given to us and write about their influence on World Music. Since Maybelle Carter was on the list, I wanted to research her influence. The only unfortunate part is that I had to talk about a World influence, so instead of just endlessly gushing about Country music, I had to expand my horizons. I hope you find this useful and entertaining. I also hope that you learn something (I did). 

Maybelle Carter – A Guitar Player That Helped To Shape An Entire Genre Of Music

If one were to think of Maybelle Carter, one would most likely not think of her having an influence on world music. To the average person, one may only think of her influence on American music, particularly Country music which derived from Appalachian music. However, while Maybelle Carter did have a strong influence on the American genre of Country music, her influence spreads far beyond American borders.

Maybelle Addington was born on May 10th, 1909 near Nickelsville in Scott County, Virginia. Music was something that was essential to the Addington family. As a child, Maybelle learned a variety of traditional Appalachian songs and tunes from her banjo-playing mother, Margaret Elizabeth Kilgore Addington, as well as other close friends and family (Encyclopedia Virginia). In her family’s band, Maybelle sang as well as played instruments such as the autoharp and banjo while adopting the guitar as her main instrument of choice as a teenager. Continue reading “The Influence Of Maybelle Carter On World Music (Assignment)”

Dierks Bentley Offers A Return To Form On New Single, “Woman, Amen” (CMS 120 Assignment)

dierks bentley
Dierks Bentley (Country FanCast photo by Sarah Netemeyer

The Mountain’s release date has yet to be announced, however it looks to be an exciting return to form for Dierks Bentley

Discussing Country with Zackary Kephart

The Black album era was determined to take Dierks Bentley into “A-list” territory. Lead single, “Somewhere On A Beach” as well as the follow-up single, “Different For Girls” with Elle King managed to add two more number ones to the artist’s extensive career. The former was a crunchy, bitter kiss-off to an ex-lover that many could relate to while the former shed a light on the differences that men and woman experience as they experience a break-up. Even the title track managed to notch a top five peak position, meaning that Black had three successful singles thus far. Continue reading “Dierks Bentley Offers A Return To Form On New Single, “Woman, Amen” (CMS 120 Assignment)”